Vladimir Putin Grants Steven Seagal Russian Citizenship


Excerpt: Last year, Seagal said, “I’m Russian. My family is from Vladivostok and Belarus. I love Russia from the time I was born. Russia is a great country, and there’s a lot to love.” Seagal frequently visits Russia and spends time with his long-time friends including Putin. The American action-movie star and the Russian president share a common passion—martial arts. Seagal is an aikido expert (7th dan) while Putin is skilled in judo (8th dan).

During an interview with RT News in 2013, Seagal said, “The first time I went to his home, I walked in and saw a life-sized statue of Kanō Jigorō, who is the founder of judo, so I was immediately taken and impressed and sort of really wanting to get to know this man deeper and deeper.”