Tournament Information

NY Open International Judo Team Tournament

Location:  The New York Athletic Club 6th Floor, 180 Central Park South, NY, NY 10019

Date:  Saturday, April 6th 2019


Men’s preliminary competition starts at TBD

Women’s competition starts at approximately TBD

Finals for Men’s & Women’s matches at TBD


Time line & order of fights at the 2019 NY Open Judo

Women’s Teams: USA, Israel (ISR), Great Britain (GRB), & India (IND)

Men’s teams:  USA, Israel (ISR), Great Britain (GRB), Canada(CAN), Poland (POL), & Germany (GER)


Pool A (Men)                                                         

1 – TBD

2 – TBD

3 – TBD


Pool B (Men)

4 - TBD

5 – TBD

6 – TBD


Competition starts at TBD – Men’s preliminary matches

1st   Men – TBD vs TBD

2nd   Men – TBD vs TBD

3rd   Men – TBD vs TBD

4th Men – TBD vs TBD

5th Women – TBD vs TBD

6th Men – TBD vs TBD

7th Men – TBD vs TBD


Final Medal Ceremonies & matches start at TBD


8th Men - BRONZE Medal Match

9th Women –Women’s 2nd round, Loser of 5th Round vs TBD

10th Men - GOLD Medal Match

11th Women – Women’s Final round, Winner of 5th Round vs TBD

(Competition finished around 5:30 pm) Awards Ceremony held immediately after the competition

Banquet Dinner, NYAC 9th Floor (after the Awards Ceremony)

For further questions please contact:

John Walla, Tournament Director
The New York Athletic Club
180 Central Park South, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10019